Following measures implemented by the school should be strictly adhered to:-


1. Students have to be punctual. The students who are late, may be sent back home,

without any prior notice and will have to miss classes that day.

School gates will be closed at 0825 hours. Thereafter, no student / visitor will be allowed inside without permission of the Principal.

2. Parents are requested to consult School Almanac for Rules and Regulations for meeting

with Principal / Admin and communicating with teachers.

3. Parents can meet the teachers during the scheduled PTMs. Parents are not permitted to

meet teachers in the class room (s) other than the meeting days. Please consult School

Almanac for procedure to meet the teachers.

4. Medium of Instruction and Conversation is English Only.

5. All students will compulsorily carry identity cards issued by the school and slung around

their neck / suitably displayed.

6. Students shall be provided with an identity card at the beginning of the academic year. In

case of loss of identity card or change in the given data to be incorporated in the new

identity card, Rs 200/- per identity card shall be payable.

7. Students should carry the School Almanac everyday without fail. Parents are requested to

duly fill the declarations and sign the undertakings in the School Almanac.

8. Students shall be provided with one school almanac in the beginning of the academic

year, however in case of loss, a new school almanac shall be issued with a written note

from the parent to the class teacher against the payment of Rs 250/-.

9. Loss of Report Card shall be made good with a fine of Rs 200/-.

10. Students should greet the teachers of the school, whenever they meet them.

11. Students are expected to maintain a high standard, in their general behaviour and

manner of speech.

12. Students should have deep respect and dedication towards their work.

13. Regularity in homework and assignments is parents responsibility and of utmost


14. All students should feel and take pride, in keeping their school premises clean.

15. Attendance on the reopening day and last working day of the term is mandatory.

a) No leave or absence is granted, other than for exceptional reasons and on the submission

of prior written application by the parent.

b) In case of continued absence due to sickness a medical certificate has to be sent to school.

c) Serious action will be taken by the Principal for breach of discipline, irregularity of attendance and unsanctioned leave.

d) In case of contagious disease the school must be informed within 3 days and a fitness

certificate has to be produced when the child reports back to school.

16. Attendance of students will compulsorily be taken every day by the teachers, you are

requested to avoid absenteeism.

17. It will be mandatory for the parent to inform the class teacher in writing if the ward is

required to miss the school / class on a particular day.

18. Half day leaves shall be discouraged. Parents are requested not to approach the school for

picking up / relieving their child in the middle of the school / half day.

19. No student shall be allowed to miss the PHYSICAL EDUCATION without a Doctor's Certificate.

20. Students should take care of the school property. Any damage caused has to be made good by the parents of the student.

21. Exploding crackers or splashing colours during Diwali / Holi or any other occasion in the school premises or school buses is strictly forbidden.

22. If any student is found in the possession of fire - crackers, water pistols, periodicals,

magazine, posters, pictures, mobile phones, CD's, Computer games, the same shall be confiscated. Mobile phones and electronic items are prohibited gadgets and parents of such students will be informed in writing. In case of default again, appropriate disciplinary action will be initiated.

23. We expect our children to be environment friendly in all their actions. We discourage the use of plastic bags.

24. All students will be dressed properly and smartly in the specified pattern of school uniform. Parents must ensure correct length of school skirt / shirt worn. Supervisors will check the same during rounds.

25. Please cut the nails, clean ears and trim the hair of your child regularly to maintain proper hygiene. Boys should have an army haircut and girls should wear hair-bands (along with 2 pony tails/ plaits in case of longer hair).

26. No gold ornaments are allowed in the school such as earrings, anklets or necklace. School shall not be held responsible for loss of the same. Avoid putting bindies, mehendi to girls.

27. Students should look after their books, clothes, pens, wrist-watch, money etc. School shall not accept any responsibility for loss of such things.

28. Surprise checks will be carried out at least once a month for students of Primary classes on regular basis.

29. Pre-primary students must carry an extra set of clothes and a napkin everyday in their school bags.

30. Primary students must carry a napkin everyday to school in their school bags.

31. The parents are requested to interact with the teachers/ maushies in a respectful manner to set an example for their child to follow the same. It has been noticed that at times the parents treat the teachers as care-takers and raise their voice. Any grievances can be discussed and sorted in an amicable manner.

32. Students are not allowed to make any collection of money unless permitted by the Principal.

33. Students are not allowed to give any gifts or presents to any teacher or staff of the school.

34. Students are not allowed to distribute sweets / presents / eatables / of any kind on their birthday. Instead they can wear a dress other than the school uniform and voluntarily donate books to the school library, to inculcate the habit of reading and sharing.

35. Any communication to the Principal / Class Teacher, must be sent in a sealed envelope with the name of the child, class, division and roll no. clearly mentioned on the envelope.

36. Parents are required to inform the school immediately, about a change of address or telephone numbers.

37. Students shall not be allowed to make calls from the school office for trivial reasons.

38. The parents availing the School Transport are supposed to wait at the bus stop for the bus.

No phone calls shall be made to the parents not available at the bus stops. Please bear delays of few minutes keeping in mind the traffic in the area. The bus shall not wait and move on to reach the school in time to avoid unnecessary delays. It shall not return in any case to pick up the child again.

39. Parents are not allowed to enter the school buses under any circumstances.

40. Students must adhere to the proper code of conduct as mentioned in the school almanac.School reserves the right to suspend a student whose conduct may have an adverse influence on other students.

41. A student who is found persistently insubordinate, mischievous, and guilty of misconduct is liable to be expelled from the school.

42. A student is responsible to the school, not only for his/her behaviour in the school but also for his/ her general behaviour outside. Every effort should be made by the student to keep up the good name of the school by his / her manners and deportment.

43. The school seeks your cooperation in ensuring adherence to all the above rules.