From The Director’s desk :


The world is a beautiful place to live in and nature has bestowed us

with so much that we can't help but be surprised and feel awed at the

creativity of the God Almighty.

And one such wonderful creation is a CHILD and the innocence in the

eyes of a child is indeed miraculous. Often we don't realize where this

innocence vanishes in the process of growing up, but, later on, in our

lives we realize that they were lost into the congested streets of our

routine lifestyles, where we ignored the waiting eyes of our child to

attend to his queries…...missed the sparkle in his eyes and didn't smile back……

The preschool years for a child are very important, as the child has to

accept the transition of getting out of their home comfort and entering

a totally new environment.

Moreover, the smooth transition from preschool to formal education is

another milestone that the child has to accomplish.


As quoted aptly in one of the Chinese proverbs, “The journey of a

thousand miles must begin with a small step”, we too, believe that

learning is a life-long process and each child has inherent worth and

potential. The sincere committed efforts of our teachers and their

loving, caring attitude towards children help to create an environment

which works in favor of the child's growth and they are able to shed

their inhibitions. 


At JMC Godda , we aspire to make children confident and creative

builders of their future, our focus being the WHOLE CHILD and


I welcome you into the Jesus & Mary family and wish you years of happy schooling ahead with us!